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Can I rehash a deal with Options Capital? 

Absolutely, we are here to make every deal we can. Email us at or you can call/text 972.845.8543 with the application number and any changes you are making to the deal.

Do you require a minimum time in business for dealerships? 

No, we do not require a minimum time in business. We are happy to work with dealers who are new to the industry and this who have been around a long time, as well as anyone in between. We simply ask that you follow our process and are respectful to our staff. 

What documents do you require for sign up? 

You will need to complete a dealer application so we can send you enrollment documents via docusign. We also need the following supporting documents: 


Copy of all owners drivers license

Dealer license

Finance License (if required by your state)

Voided Check

Surety Bond and/or Garage Insurance

Proof of Ownership

How do I send in credit applications for decisioning?

Once your have submitted your supporting documents we will add you to our automated decionsing portal. Prior to receiving your login credentials you can email us the credit application, buyer's order and booklet to Please check with us for alternative options for submitting loans to us.

Do your loans have recourse?

We do not have recourse on any of our loans at this time

How far back will you finance? 

Up to 15 years

How long is the funding process?

Prime loans are 3 business days and midprime/subprime are 3-5 business days (funding times depend on how clean the loan packet is when we receive it)

Do you offer title floats?

After you have funded your first 2 deals with Options Capital we will review your account to determine whether a title float will be granted from there forward. 

Who handles the title work?

 The dealership handles title work

Do you offer real estate lending options?

 Yes we now offer hard money loan options for real estate investors

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