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Simply the Best

Once your enrollment documents are complete you will be able to send in your customer's credit applications immediately. Our automated loan management system will have an answer for you in a matter of minutes. 


The OCG Loan Program was created with one thing in mind, customer service. We strip away the shadow games between dealer and lender and provide you with the very best options for your dealership to be successful. Quite simply, you and your customer get the very best we have to offer. Customer gets terms and payments they like and you get larger loans, lower fees, and most importantly your backend profit. Stop the highs and lows that trend throughout the year, get Options and start prospering.

We do our best to find deals no matter what the challenges. All dealerships face one never ending challenge; helping customers who visit their dealership that have no where else they can go. The best dealerships have solutions and the others lose business. Having Options allows you to help those customers, to sell more cars, and gain referrals from happy customers who now sing your praises.

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