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Capital Program

Simply the Best

Once you become an authorized dealer the Capital Program and its tiers are going to be the very best option for both your business and your customer. With its low rates, longer terms and its ease of funding it stands behind its name Capital.

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Our Capital Program is simple. This program is designed for your better credit customer to get competitive interest rates, the term of loan, and the amount financed, to make you competitive in obtaining their business from the franchise dealerships. The best part is you get to sell, make, and KEEP your service contracts, and other financial products. If you are ready to start making money, then call or sign up today.


Capital Program

Capital Program was created with one thing in mind, customer service. We strip away the shadow games between dealer and lender and provide you with the very best options for your dealership to be successful. Quite simply, you and your customer get the very best we have to offer. Customer gets terms and payments they like and you get larger loans, lower fees, and most importantly your finance products. Stop the highs and lows that trend throughout the year, get Options and start prospering.