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Options Capital Group

Our Promise

We are here to provide Dealers in the Automotive Industry with the Lending they need to service their clients. We aren't just a lender we partner to help sell more cars today and resell tomorrow. As an Auto Dealer you can't control the customer who walks on your lot, which is why you need the best financing. You need OPTIONS!

Lending With Options

At Options we set out to change the Auto industry and we have done just that. By targeting and working with Independent Dealers we have created a way for you to increase your profits, sell more vehicles, retain customers and create your brand. Dealerships today can no longer afford to gain bad press or have bad reviews online because of selling older cars that break down or not being able to finance the cars they have. The car purchase for the average consumer is a huge ticket item and an important one. As a Dealership you need consumer trust and ease of use. With Options we understand the challenges in front of you and we are here to partner with you, so that your success becomes our success.


OCG Loan Program*

  • Minimum 400 credit score

  • $4k Backend available on every deal

  • Maximum LTV 150% of Retail

  • No Recourse

  • Rates as low as 9%

Prime Lending Options*
  • Access to a Dozen Credit Unions Both National and Regional

  • 120% Retail Advance 

  • Up to 75 Month Term

  • No recourse

  • No minimum Time in Business to Join



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*Ask about what lending options we have in your state

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