Lending with Options

At Options we set out to change the Auto industry and we have done just that. By targeting and working with Independent Dealers we have created a way for you to increase your profits, sell more vehicles, retain customers and create your brand. Dealerships today can no longer afford to gain bad press or have bad reviews online because of selling older cars that break down or not being able to finance the cars they have. The car purchase for the average consumer is a huge ticket item and an important one. As a Dealership you need consumer trust and ease of use. With Options we understand the challenges in front of you and we are here to partner with you, so that your success becomes our sucess.

Capital Program

Simply the Best

Our Capital Program is simple. This program is designed for your better credit customer to get competitive interest rates, the term of loan, and the amount financed, to make you competitive in obtaining their business from the franchise dealerships. The best part is you get to sell, make, and KEEP your service contracts, and other financial products. If you are ready to start making money then call or sign up today.

Innovation Program

Capturing More Deals

Our Innovation Program is designed to find deals no matter what the challenges. All dealerships face one never ending challenge; helping customers who visit their dealership that have no where else they can go. The best dealerships have solutions and the others lose business. Having Options allows you to help those customers, to sell more cars, and gain referrals from happy customers who now sing your praise.

Innovation is the way.


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